Rent a Minivan of Any Size and for Any Trip

When taking a trip with family or a large group of people and the space for seating and luggage in a small car doesnít provide enough room, it may be a good idea to rent minivan. Whether itís used to drive across the country on a road trip or transport a group of people from the airport to a travel destination, a minivan rental offers an inexpensive source of optimal comfort and storage space.

What to Expect

In order to rent a minivan, customers, especially those new to van rentals, should familiarize themselves with the process. In most areas, renters must be at least 21 to rent a van, although customers under 24 should expect to pay an additional fee. Most rental companies charge daily and require that drivers insure their vehicles. Most minivans are rented with ľ of a tank of gas, and companies ask that cars be returned with the same amount in the tank.

Finding the Best Deals

Once a specific rental company has been selected, look at both their rates and the minivans they have available for rent at that location. This will help form an idea of what type of minivan will be best to rent, according to your needs. Consider the amount of storage space and necessary seating, as well as the necessary size. There are three basic sizes of minivans currently on the market and available for rental: mini, compact, and large.

Mini Minivans

Mini minivans, as the name might suggest, are the smallest of minivans out there. These vehicles usually seat five people and are typically low on trunk space and leg room, though it is possible to rent a minivan of this size that has a bit more space. These vans are often more fuel-efficient than typical minivans, and are offered by almost every manufacturer. When traveling with a minimal amount of luggage or a small group of people, it is best to rent a minivan that falls into this category.

Compact Minivans

Compact minivans are like mini minivans in that they are fuel efficient and smaller in size than regular minivans, but they offer slightly more room and are comparable in look and feel to an SUV. These vehicles are between 165-180 inches long, and some seat as many as seven passengers. Compact minivans are ideal to rent when looking for more space than the average car at a less expensive price.

Large Minivans

Large minivans offer some of the roomiest seating options and most spacious trunk space out of all the minivans available. These cars seat seven or more passengers and some come with popular features like televisions for backseat passengers. Large minivans are a great rental option for large families (especially those who have kids), as well as for transporting a lot of luggage for the duration of a long distance drive.

When safety, space, and copious amounts of seating top the travel priority list, rent a minivan for your next trip. Whether youíve got a large family or just need the space to transport other cargo from one location to another, a minivan rental can provide the comfort and room youíre looking for.

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